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Over recent years, research has consistently highlighted the growing application of coaching in the workplace as a powerful tool that cultivates positive change for managers and leaders, leading to benefits both for the individual and the organisation.

Coaching benefits include:

  • enhanced individual and team performance
  • advanced management and leadership capability
  • heightened levels of motivation and engagement
  • strengthened self-confidence / belief
  • increased job satisfaction and retention
  • improved wellbeing

Offering a space to step away from the pressures of everyday work, Julia coaches individuals to engage with the challenges of working effectively in increasingly complex and demanding times.  Adopting a solutions-focused approach, coaching provides a place for reflection, time to explore new perspectives and of course it acts as a springboard to take action towards doing things differently.

As well as working in the coaching space, Julia offers the opportunity for workplace observation and feedback.  This extends the power of coaching beyond the consulting room by generating a rich data source for exploring behaviours in a real-time working context.  In doing this, the client’s awareness of their personal impact at work is deepened and areas for development are clarified.

To find out more about the tailored 1:1 and group coaching packages available that can be delivered either on or off-site, contact us here.


Coaching Skills Development

Equipping managers and leaders with a flexible coaching skills toolkit to utilise as part of their management style, is a key component to building a sustainable coaching culture which drives and supports growth and wellbeing.  Our tailored programmes are designed to meet the needs of both employees and organisation by applying an integrated approach which gives participants exposure to:

  • a dynamic and challenging learning space to explore and practice new skillsets
  • a 1:1 coaching relationship to support them throughout the programme
  • workplace observational feedback to embed new coaching behaviours

‘Space to think’

Our ‘Space to think’ initiatives offer participants an opportunity to step away from the frontline challenges of their roles and unpack workplace issues in a supportive and collaborative group setting.  Utilising Action Learning theory, these programmes combine a focus on developing core coaching skills with the practical application of challenging and supporting colleagues as they explore important issues and identify ways forward.

Management and Leadership Development

Professional development through tailored skills development training in:

  • Facilitation skills
  • Assertive communication
  • Managing pressure and stress
  • Career Development
  • MBTI Personality Profiling

For more information on how we can support your in-house management and leadership development needs with additional ‘space to think’ initiatives or specific skills development programmes, do get in touch here.