How Can Counselling Help?

Talking problems through with loved ones, friends or family may sometimes be what is needed, but this might not always be possible or even appropriate.

Talking with someone who is trained to deal with psychological (and sometimes associated physical) distress offers the chance for a person to gain a greater understanding of themselves and their problems. This confidential conversation can potentially help us to see things that we haven’t previously been aware of, to view things from a new perspective and open up new choices.

There is rarely a ‘one size fits all’ solution, but Counselling can sometimes offer concrete and specific ways to approach problems such as low self-esteem, worry, anxiety and depression. I may therefore at times offer suggestions, information and advice, and in this I’m informed by an up-to-date understanding of how certain problems occur and perpetuate.

Equally, sometimes the relationship developed with a Counsellor may itself play a central role in repairing old hurts, in changing the way we feel about ourselves, and also as a result our relationships with others.

It is the willingness of both parties to explore the difficulties which can produce the solution, and to this I bring my skills, knowledge and experience, warmth and compassion.

Following an initial brief telephone conversation I offer a stand-alone meeting for you to get a feel of what it’s like to work with me, and for me to assess if I can potentially assist you. If I think I can help, you may choose to arrange further sessions, or take time to reflect on if you would like to do this.

Begin the process of change for yourself and contact me on 07857 637837, email: or use the contact form here.


£40 for the initial counselling consultation of 60 minutes at my Ilkley practice. Full fee applies at the Leeds practice. Subsequent sessions,
£50 for a 60 minute session. Couples £60 per 60 minute session. In some circumstances reduced fee sessions may be available.